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Research for better transportation and methods of smoother conveyance of liquids is going on and on. Pipes made of GI and SS are better, but with the world's natural resources getting exhausted and cost of steel touching the sky, an alternative material for pipe looked for

Today "High density Polythene" (HDPE) is considered to be the best piping material. Noteing  this, Gauthami  is manufacturing "HDPE" pipes  with hi- tech  machines capable of  producing pipes in various fluid handling requirements. And proved to be well owing to its longevity, resilience, tough and strong, smooth inside and outside, flexible, light weight, non- fragile, low  cost  in  operation/installation and maintenance. That is why….  Gauthami   HDPE piping system applications are numerous

Gauthami HDPE Piping  System  is suitable for :
Water Supply Distribution (Lines)
Chemical and edibles Transport.
Hydro-Transport System.
Gas /  Compressed  Air System.

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