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4984 - 1995
gauthami HDPE Piping  System  is suitable for :

Water Supply Distribution (Lines)
Any kind of water supply and distribution either  temporary or permanent.
Farm irrigation including  lift irrigation, drip irrigation to hundreds of hectares.

Chemical and edibles Transport:
Conveyance  of  edible Oils, fruit-Pulp and juices, milk and brine water.
Conveyance  of  all acids and alkalis and other corrosive chemicals.

Hydro-Transport System:
Iron / Tin ore tailing slurries
Boiler ash handling
Coal, Cement /Clinker handling
Sand Slurry disposal in dredging

Gas /  Compressed  Air System:
Natural gas and coal gas conveyance and consumer distribution
Conveyance and distribution of gas and disposable of sewage, Goober   gas and community biogas units
Compressed air supply network at construction sites, mines and factories
Air conditioning and ventilation ducts
River / Canal  crossing under water Salt water intakes lines
Ducting of cables
Artificial   Limbs Tubes in skin colour.

Gauthami   HDPE pipes have smooth internal surface which avoids friction resistance  to  fluid flow, reducing the pumping power and saves energy. The  'C' Factor of the pipe rates as high as 150 (creep resistance) avoids overload on system and increases equipments life.

The elastic qualities of HDPE  pipes  can absorb  the stresses formed due to sub-soil movements or frequent change in temperature and load. They are made to withstand SHOCK LOADS csused out of water hammers and TRANSFERRED LOADS due to thermal stresses.

Gauthami   HDPE pipes are lighter than conventional pipes. Hence number pipes can be loaded and transportation  cost, laying cost and handling time.

Gauthami   HDPE pipes can be laid faster using less cumbersome  ' Butt welding  '  joining methods which are 100% leak proof. Choice of fixing methods are also available,  such as permanent  joining pipe to pipe or temporary detachable, portable and re-usable.

Gauthami  HDPE pipes are strong and resilient to with stand STATIC AND  DYNAMIC LOADS due to internal (Fluid) as well as external (soil) pressure, because of their excellent impact resistance.  And they also have specific elastic properties and bend to a radius of 25.d to facilitate safety installation even on hilly terrains in tropical areas also

Wall Thickness of Pipes for Material Grade PE 63
Wall Thickness of Pipes for Material Grade PE 80
Wall Thickness of Pipes for Material Grade PE 100
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